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Alrehman Academy is a Online Quraan Teaching Academy

Welcome to Alrehman Online Quran Academy!

Learn Quran at your door step. To VIsit Our Website

  • Online Quran Academy is a spectacular platform of Online Quran Teaching which enables New Muslims and Children all over the world to read Quran with Tajweed from home. We welcome all students interested in Quran learning
  • Quraan Academy is very great Institution for All, Human ,With out Hesitate for All Age Person ,Insha Allah
  • its really a comprehensive course for understanding QURAN.
  • The aim of Quran Academy Islamabad is to disseminate and propagate the Knowledge and Wisdom of The Holy Qur’an on a vast scale and at highest intellectual level so as to achieve the revitalization of Faith among the Muslims in general and the intelligentsia in particular with the ultimate objective of bringing about an Islamic renaissance and ushering in, for the second time in history the blessed era in which the true Islamic way of life reigned supreme.


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